Take Your SAVOR Experience Up a Level

New in 2017, there will be a lot more to savor on the second floor!

With no Salons this year, we have more real estate to work with, and we’ll be using the space to serve up even more deliciousness.

Here are some second-floor highlights:

  • Ten breweries will pour 20 beers. If you’re counting, that’s a 900 percent increase in second-floor breweries from last year.
  • Nathan Anda of Red Apron Butcher (Virginia) will curate a charcuterie spread, sourced from regional farms, paired with beers from Fate Brewing Company (Colorado) and Fat Bottom Brewing Company (Tennessee). Walk don’t run! We don’t want you to pull a hammy trying to get to this station.
  • Nathan Miller Chocolate (Pennsylvania) will be serving bean-to-bar goodness to all comers. And we’re pushing the pairing envelope this year, so get ready to venture beyond the standard stout-plus-chocolate combo.
  • Three artisan cheese purveyors will be pairing their wares with three breweries. Guests will be able to explore the interplay between hops and soft cheese, malt and hard cheese, and carbonation and aged cheese.
  • Choptank Oyster Company (Maryland) will team up with Dialogue Brewing Company (New Mexico), demonstrating how the salinity in oysters can be the perfect complement to beer.
  • Environmental Working Group (D.C.) has partnered with Atlas Brew Works (D.C.) to create Rescue Brew Batch 1: first in a series where the produce in the beer has been—wait for it—rescued from a compost bin. You can’t say we’re not innovating here, folks!

Be sure to head up to the second floor—enjoy some great pairings and take in the grandeur of the National Building Museum. See you in June!