Meet the Breweries Who Are New to SAVOR

This year’s SAVOR will feature a lot of first timers to the event, promising a night of discovery for attendees. Here a few described in their own words.

Brass Foundry Brewing Company
Minneapolis, MN

“We’re one of the newest and fastest-growing breweries in Minnesota.  We take an old school approach to the beer world.  We focus solely on producing quality flavorful beers, and only distribute our beers.  Our brewery team has a combined 35 years’ experience and has won multiple medals in the World Beer Cup® for previous beer creations.”

Great Escape Beer Works

Great Escape Beer Works
Springfield, MO

“We are a small brewery with huge dreams. In our first year, we’ve produced over 50 different styles and have won fan favorite awards at local festivals. We are a small brewery that can hold our own with the big kids in the playground.”

Side Project Brewing
Maplewood, MO

“What began as a dream and a side project has now grown into our 100% barrel-aged brewery. Passion, experimentation and patience drive the creation of our rustic saisons, wild ales and spirit barrel-aged ales. As we share our craft with you, we hope you share it with your friends as well.”

2 Silos Brewing Company
Manassas, VA

“We are proud of our award-winning stouts and barrel reserve beers and we’re excited to share them at SAVOR! We’re a production facility committed to making high-quality, award winning beers, that we can be proud of, using time-honored and creative brewing techniques as we respect our environment and play an active role in the community.”

Arrowood Farm Brewery
Accord, NY

“Situated between the Catskills and Shawangunk mountains, Arrowood Farm Brewery is committed to cultivating, sourcing and brewing with local ingredients native to New York. Sourcing all our ingredients within 100 miles allows us to create one-of-a-kind beer that represents our time and place.”

Toms River Brewing
Toms River, NJ

“Toms River Brewing came about after we noticed a need in the area for a communal place to enjoy a beverage and hang out with friends, family and neighbors. Our brewery has quickly become a gathering spot for the local community with several beer releases having a charitable component so we are able to give back to the community that has supported us.”

Urban Village
Philadelphia, PA

“We are a small local pub that focuses on making a wide variety of full-flavored beers. We offer an outstanding pub experience featuring brick oven pizza made with naturally leavened pizza. For those reasons and more we were ranked by USA Today as a top 10 brew pub in the country.  RateBeer also awarded us best new brewer in Pennsylvania for 2018.”

Wibby Brewing
Longmont, CO

“Wibby Brewing only produces American-influenced German-style lagers. All of our beers are cold fermented which gives them a crisp clean finish and a wide range flavor. Our commitment to lager beer and educating the consumer on their diversity is key to our business.”

Shovel Town Brewery
North Easton, MA

“Shovel Town Brewery has won accolades for producing a wide variety of different styles of Beers.  Flyaway our New England Style IPA is highly sought after and every batch we make sells out.  However, we are not defined  by Flyaway. We produce a wide variety of unique beers for ‘all walks of beer’ consumers. Shovel Town Brewery gets its name from the fact that Easton was the original home of the Ames Shovel factory.”

St. Elmo Brewing Company
Austin, TX

“St Elmo Brewing provides a unique and constantly rotating menu of beers to our neighborhood. The Texas heat makes us welcome light lagers and pilsners and we almost always have at least one sour style on at any given time. Our story become even much more exciting when we won gold in the American fruited sour category at the Great American Beer Festival in 2019 for Roxanne, our pink guava sour.”

highland brewing logo

Highland Brewing Company
Asheville, NC

“Immigrant founded and woman-led, Highland Brewing Company was Asheville’s first brewery since prohibition and has grown to become the largest family-owned, independent brewery native to the Southeast. With award-winning beers and award-winning leadership, Highland was named the South’s best brewery by Southern Living magazine in 2018 and second-generation family-owner and president Leah Wong Ashburn received a James Beard nomination that same year.”

Hi-Wire Brewing
Asheville, NC

“Hi-Wire Brewing has won medals at both the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) and World Beer Cup for its sour/wild ale program.  We also produce world-class lagers and won a GABF gold medal for Zirkusfest Oktoberfest.”