How to SAVOR (In 5 Easy Steps)

How does one SAVOR, exactly? It’s pretty easy. Here’s a quick guide to enjoying what the Washington Post describes as “the gold standard” of beer events.

  1. Spiff it up. Most beer festivals are pretty casual affairs, sartorially speaking, but SAVOR attendees aren’t afraid to bust out their nicer threads, and the bold don festive hats—which is awesome. Photos.
  2. Get in the mood for discovery. You might recognize some of your favorite beers and breweries in the 2018 beer list, but SAVOR is also about serendipity and exploration; there is a very good chance you’ll meet your new favorite beer and develop a new brewery crush.
  3. Seek out the different and daring. The culinary mastermind behind SAVOR, Chef Adam Dulye, is known for creating dishes and pairings that depart from preconceived notions and break new sensory ground. Take a journey with Chef Adam. You will be rewarded. Check out the menu.
  4. Get chatty. The brewers and brewery owners themselves will be pouring their beers at SAVOR. This is a rare opportunity to chat them up and hear their stories. Brewers are a fun bunch, and they love nothing more than sharing their excitement for their craft.
  5. Take in the surroundings. The beer and food will always steal the show, but the venue—the majestic National Building Museum—plays a vital supporting role. It’s just an amazing setting in which to enjoy the best of American craft beer and food. See for yourself.

And that is how you SAVOR. We look forward to seeing you this June 1-2.

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