8 Brewers on What Makes SAVOR Special

Now in its thirteenth year, it’s no surprise that SAVOR has won the hearts and minds of thousands of beer lovers in D.C. and around the country. But what might surprise you is the level of affection that brewers have for the event. Here’s what a few of them have to say:

Port City

SAVOR is unique from any other beer festival that we attend. Chef Adam Dulye’s pairings are always spot on, and he finds a way to bring beer and food together in a unique, fun and unforgettable way. These are the elements that make SAVOR special for us, and an event we are proud to sponsor. We love welcoming these brewers and chefs to DC!

Bill Butcher, owner and founder, Port City Brewing Company

I enjoy the focus of two beer selections per brewery—we’re able to showcase beers that stand out and that pair exceptionally well with food.  Since tickets are very limited, I have more opportunities to have conversations about how the beer was made, or how I think the food pairs with the beer, which is unique in a festival-style environment.

Patrick Rue, owner and founder, The Bruery

SAVOR attendees represent the best of our craft beer audience, in my opinion, as they are knowledgeable, experienced and discerning. Fortunately, the event is designed such that you can take full advantage of their educated insights by simply initiating and enjoying the natural conversations on our favorite subject, craft beer.

Bill Covaleski, co-founder and brewmaster, Victory Brewing Co.

As breweries, we’re constantly being asked to support events and promote our beer. Many of these feel like work. SAVOR has always felt different. It’s like our liquid creations are the stars at an amazing black tie reception. When I step into the room at SAVOR, I am instantly transported to a world that is elevated by the people, the beer and the food working in harmony.

Tomme Arthur, co-founder and director of brewery operations, The Lost Abbey

Maui Brewing Logo

To me SAVOR is the premier craft beer and food event. So many different pairings that challenge the palate and the mind about how beer and food can fit together. Chef Adam and his team are never afraid to take risks and I love to experience it. The diversity and wide array of the food and beer selections under one roof are pretty epic. Plus, the breweries are all independent and I love being in the room with our craft family!

Garrett W. Marrero, owner and founder, Maui Brewing Co.


The atmosphere is very intimate at SAVOR … I’ve always taken the opportunity to wander the floor, experience as many of the pairings as possible, and engage with the attendees while I’m exploring. It’s a very comfortable setting to have a chat with beer lovers!

Rob Tod, owner and founder, Allagash Brewing Co.

Sam Adams

SAVOR really elevates craft beer to its rightful place at the table. Unlike many craft beer festivals, food has a more prominent role at SAVOR and expands drinkers’ views of how craft beer and food can complement each other, especially in more of a fine dining type of experience.

Jennifer Glanville, director of brewery operations, Boston Beer Co.

SAVOR is one of my favorite beer events in the world, because beer is liquid food and SAVOR is THE event that celebrates the perfect marriage of world-class food paired with world-class beer in a world-class setting. And as a beer lover going to festivals when Dogfish opened in the mid-nineties it meant the world to me to share beer talk over sips with the pioneers who inspired me like Ken Grossman, Carol Stoudt and Jim Koch. One of the coolest components of SAVOR is, at every booth, the folks pouring the beers you love are the people responsible for creating them—the brewmasters and owners of the brands that represent the best of America’s vibrant indie craft brewing renaissance.

Sam Calagione, founder, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery