2019 Commemorative Beer: SAVOR SIN

Every SAVOR guest leaves the event with a parting gift—a specially brewed beer that you can’t find anywhere else. This year’s beer is a devilishly delicious concoction from The Lost Abbey, San Marcos, Calif. Here is what they say about SAVOR SIN, an American Wild Ale with blood oranges and guava:

The great book tells us that Sin takes on many forms. So naturally, we challenged our brewers to look for inspiration through incarnation—jamming all seven deadly sins in one beer.

Introducing Savor SIN. Our brewer’s imagination led us down path of a wild ale that has been resting like a sloth in our oak foeders for the past year. They married this to a brand new golden ale resulting in many strong feelings of brewer’s pride.

This sinful brew is spiked with sensuous lust-invoking blood oranges and guava, but we added so much fruit it feels glutinous. Not resting on their laurels, they finished it with a ravenous Brett whose wrath ensured a bone-dry finish.

We know you’re going to really love our latest wild creation – so much you might not want to share it. Relax, that’s just greed kicking in. If you do decide to share, your friends will be grateful, and all others will be filled with envy.

Brewed & bottled by The Lost Abbey, San Marcos, CA

And here’s additional background from The Lost Abbey’s founder Tomme Arthur:

So we took a blond-sour base beer, married it to an awesome oak-aged sour beer, and to ensure your taste buds knew which way to the sea shells by the sea shore, we added some amazing blood orange and guava. You’ll have to forgive us for not lashing an umbrella to this bottle, It just seemed like too much work.

In the end, we love how the citrus and guava notes lap together, like waves on the pier pilings. Grab a glass. Pull up your comfortable chair and join us as we sit and watch the sun set.

Maybe summer hasn’t arrived for you yet, but with this beer close, it’s well within your grasp.

We look forward to raising a glass of this sinfully refreshing brew with you on May 17!