All 90 breweries participating in SAVOR are small and independent craft brewers. The independent craft brewer seal is a handy tool for enthusiasts to easily identify and support #IndependentBeer.

Saint Louis, MO
Portland, ME
Richmond, VA
Gilbert, AZ
Chicago, IL
Cloverdale, CA
Canton, NC
Chicago, IL
Comstock, MI
Sterling, VA
Biscayne Bay Brewing Company
Miami, FL
Maryville, TN
Cary, NC
Boothbay, ME
Albuquerque, NM
Boston, MA
Kansas City, MO
Cooperstown, NY
Amesbury, MA
Brooklyn, NY
Ashland, OR
Cape May, NJ
Amherst, WI
Aurora, CO
Seattle, WA
Oaklahoma City, OK
Lexington, KY
Crank Arm Brewing Company
Raleigh, NC
Denver, CO
Bend, OR
Indianapolis, IN
Washington, DC
Bend, OR
Milton, DE
Superior, WI
Lexington, KY
Lorton, VA
Nashville, TN
Boulder, CO
Sioux Falls, SD
Somerdale, NJ
Winston-Salem, NC
Winooski, VT
Seattle, WA
Bend, OR
Cleveland, OH
Richmond, VA
Austin, TX
Minneapolis, MN
Edgewater, CO
Lahaina, HI
Berwyn, PA
Warren, VT
Cambridge, MA
Freeport, ME
Albuquerque, NM
Kihei, HI
Buffalo, WY
Fort Collins, CO
Everett, MA
Eugene, OR
Salem, VA
St. Louis, MO
Alexandria, VA
Fort Collins, CO
RAR Brewing
Cambridge, MD
Seattle, WA
Cincinnati, OH
Ewing Township, NJ
Darrington, WA
Wilson, WY
Newport, OR
Delray Beach, FL
Utica, NY
Savannah, GA
Bellaire, MI
Chico, CA
Durango, CO
Spencer, MA
Escondido, CA
Seattle, WA
Tampa, FL
Placentia, CA
Fort Worth, TX
San Marcos, CA
Inglewood, CA
Sacramento, CA
Bloomington, IN
Lexington, KY
Denver, CO