Craft Beers

All 92 breweries participating in SAVOR are small and independent craft brewers. The independent craft brewer seal is a handy tool for enthusiasts to easily identify and support #IndependentBeer.

2nd Shift Brewing Co.

  • Grapevines5.4% ABV (Brett Beer: Mixed-Culture)
  • Mládek9.1% ABV (Stout: American-Style Imperial)

4 Noses Brewing Company

  • Zwicky P5% ABV (Zwickel Pilsner)
  • Something French6.4% ABV (Sour Ale: Fruited)

Allagash Brewing Company

  • Pick Your Own6% ABV (Fruit Beer: Belgian-Style)
  • Barrel & Bean10.1% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer)
  • River Trip4.8% ABV (Pale Ale: Belgian-Style)

Atlas Brew Works

  • Ninja Sauce5.6% ABV (Pale Ale: Belgian-Style)
  • Blood Orange Gose4.4% ABV (Gose: Contemporary)

Bear Republic Brewing Co.

  • Sonoma Tart5.2% ABV (Sour Ale: Fruited American-Style)
  • Old Baba Yaga13% ABV (Stout: American-Style Imperial)

Bell's Brewery

  • Third Coast Old Ale10.2% ABV (Barley Wine Ale: American-Style)
  • Larry's Latest Flamingo Fruit Fight5% ABV (Fruit Beer: Wheat)
  • Lager of the Lakes5% ABV (Pilsner: Bohemian-Style)

Boston Beer Company

  • Mango Guava IPA6.8% ABV (India Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy)
  • Black Harbor Stout11% ABV (Stout: American-Style Imperial)
  • New England Pale Ale5.6% ABV (Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy)

Boulevard Brewing Company

  • Space Camper Cosmic IPA5.9% ABV (Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy)
  • Rye on Rye 612.9% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer)

BrewDog Brewing Company

  • Elvis Juice6.5% ABV (India Pale Ale: American-Style)
  • Jet Black Heart4.7% ABV (Stout: Oatmeal)
  • Hazy Jane7.2% ABV (India Pale Ale: American-Style)

The Brewer's Table

  • Vor Ort4.5% ABV (Lager: American-Style)
  • Made in the Nightshade5.5% ABV (Field Beer)

Brewery Ommegang

  • Pale Sour6.9% ABV (Sour Ale: American-Style)
  • Brut IPA6.3% ABV (India Pale Ale: American-Style)
  • Saison Rosé7.7% ABV (Saison: Specialty)

Caldera Brewing Company

  • Mother Pucker Raspberry Sour6% ABV (Sour Ale: Fruited American-Style)
  • Mosaic IPA6.5% ABV (India Pale Ale: American-Style)
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Mogli10.1% ABV (Porter: American-Style Imperial)

Cape Ann Brewing Company

  • Come Helles or High Water5% ABV (Helles: Munich-Style)
  • Spruce Tip Biere De Garde7.3% ABV (Biere de Garde: French-Style)

Cape May Brewing Co.

  • Always Ready4.8% ABV (Pale Ale: American-Style)
  • Lady in Room #106.1% ABV (Sour Ale: Fruited American-Style)
  • The Bog Cranberry Shandy3.9% ABV (Fruit Beer: Wheat)

Cheluna Brewing Company

  • Chilango5% ABV (Chili Beer)
  • Low Rider Lager Añejo4.5% ABV (Aged Beer)

Church Brew Works

  • Pious Monk Dunkel5.5% ABV (Dunkel: Munich-Style)
  • Thunderhop IPA6% ABV (India Pale Ale: American-Style)

Cigar City Brewing

  • Margarita Gose4.2% ABV (Gose: Leipzig-Style)
  • Across The Alley14.3% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Stout)

Country Boy Brewing

  • Papaw's Red9% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer)
  • Living Proof: Oud Bruin8.5% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer)

Crank Arm Brewing Co.

  • Whitewall Wheat4.4% ABV (American-Belgo-Style Ale: Pale)
  • Valve Stem5.3% ABV (Lager: Vienna-Style)

Crazy Mountain Brewery

  • Horseshoes & Hand Grenades6% ABV (Bitter: American-Style Extra Special)
  • Lawyers, Guns & Money10% ABV (Barley Wine Ale: American-Style)
  • Creedence Pilsner4.9% ABV (Pilsner: Bohemian-Style)

Daredevil Brewing Co.

  • First Noel Oak Smoked Bock6.5% ABV (Rauchbier: Bamberg-Style Bock)
  • Rip Cord DIPA9% ABV (India Pale Ale: Imperial)

DC Brau

  • Wake Up in The Future15.5% ABV (Stout: American-Style Imperial)
  • Smells Like Freedom7% ABV (India Pale Ale: American-Style)

Deschutes Brewery

  • Black Mirror13% ABV (Barley Wine Ale: American-Style)
  • Tempranillo Flanders11.7% ABV (Flanders Red)
  • Da Shootz!4% ABV (Pilsner: Contemporary American-Style)

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

  • SuperEIGHT5.3% ABV (Gose: Contemporary)
  • American Beauty6.5% ABV (Pale Ale: American-Style)

Double Nickel Brewing Company

  • Super Mega Dank 420 Kush Daddy Supreme7% ABV (India Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy)
  • Vienna Lager5.3% ABV (Lager: Vienna-Style)

Escape Brewing Company

  • Goofy Footed Wheat Ale5.5% ABV (Wheat Beer without Yeast: Light American)
  • Five Flags5% ABV (Pilsener: German-Style)

Fernson Brewing Company

  • Gallivant7.3% ABV (India Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy)
  • Plains Beer5.4% ABV (Pilsener: Contemporary American-Style)

Firestone Walker Brewing Company

  • UnderCurrants6.3% ABV (Sour Ale: Fruited American-Style)
  • XXII Anniversary Ale12.7% ABV (Barley Wine Ale: American-Style)

Five Boroughs Brewing Co.

  • Pilsner5% ABV (Pilsener: Bohemian-Style)
  • Tiny Juicy IPA4.2% ABV (India Pale Ale: Session)

Florida Avenue Brewing Co.

  • Passion of the Heights4.7% ABV (Herb and Spice Beer)
  • Boat Beer Sea Session Ale4.6% ABV (Experimental Beer)

Foothills Brewing

  • Sexual Chocolate Russian Imperial Stout9.7% ABV (Stout: American-Style Imperial)
  • Jade IPA7.4% ABV (India Pale Ale: American-Style)

Four Fathers Brewing

  • Barrel-Aged Wheelhouse 201810.7% ABV (Stout: American-Style Imperial)
  • Judo Not Sumo5.9% ABV (India Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy)

Fremont Brewing

  • Virtue6.6% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer)
  • B-Bomb Coconut Edition13% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer)

GearHouse Brewing Company

  • Spiral Ham Project Vol. 1: The Belgian Quad10.3% ABV (Quadrupel: Belgian-Style)
  • Nathan Miller Chocolate Porter6.4% ABV (Chocolate Beer)
  • Vermouth Barrel Aged Saison9.2% ABV (Saison: Specialty)

Gnarly Barley Brewing

  • DDH Jucifer IPA6% ABV (India Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy)
  • Korova Milk Porter6.4% ABV (Porter: Robust)
  • Forest of Feelings9% ABV (India Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy Imperial or Double)

GoodLife Brewing Co.

  • Sweet As Pacific Ale6% ABV (Wheat Beer without Yeast: Light American)
  • Descender IPA7% ABV (India Pale Ale: American-Style)

Great Lakes Brewing Co.

  • Holy Moses Raspberry6.2% ABV (Witbier: Belgian-Style)
  • Great Lakes IPA6.5% ABV (India Pale Ale: American-Style)

Great Rhythm Brewing Company

  • Tropical Haze6.8% ABV (India Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy)
  • Perpetual Grüven4.6% ABV (Koelsch: German-Style)

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

  • Foolery13% ABV (Stout: American-Style Imperial)
  • But Does It Make Sense7.5% ABV (India Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy Imperial or Double)
  • Richmond Lager5% ABV (Amber Lager: American-Style)

Hopewell Brewing Company

  • Stonethrow6.2% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer: Fruited)
  • Per Diem5.5% ABV (Pilsener: Contemporary American-Style)

Hops & Grain Brewing

  • Volumes of Funk: Berries6.7% ABV (Sour Ale: Other Belgian-Style)
  • Haze County8.2% ABV (India Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy Imperial or Double)

Ivanhoe Park Brewing Co.

  • Joyland IPA7% ABV (India Pale Ale)
  • Tupac ShaPorter7.3% ABV (Porter: Baltic-Style)

La Cumbre Brewing Co.

  • Sun Fade6.5% ABV (India Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy)
  • Siberian Silk5% ABV (Porter: Baltic-Style)

Land-Grant Brewing Company

  • Helios5.2% ABV (Pilsener: German-Style)
  • Thirteen.One 4% ABV (Gose: Contemporary)

Legal Draft Beer Company

  • Ginned Up Charges10.1% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer)
  • Free & Clear4.9% ABV (Gluten-Free Beer)

LIC Beer Project

  • Higher Burnin'7% ABV (India Pale Ale: American-Style)
  • Coded Tiles5% ABV (Pale Ale: American-Style)

Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery

  • Nugget on Rye13.3% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer)
  • Redneck High Society13.5% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer)

Listermann Brewing Co.

  • Team Fiona5.8% ABV (India Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy)
  • Nutcase Raspberry Jam6.8% ABV (Porter: Peanut Butter w/ Fruit)

Lord Hobo Brewing Company

  • Museum12% ABV (India Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy Imperial or Double)
  • Godmother12% ABV (Stout: American-Style Imperial)

The Lost Abbey

  • Zinners and Saints% ABV (Sour Ale: Other Belgian-Style)
  • Citrus Sin5.8% ABV (Wild Beer)

MadTree Brewing Company

  • Joon8.5% ABV (Koelsch: German-Style)
  • Happy Amber6% ABV (Amber/Red Ale: American-Style)

Maine Beer Company

  • Zoe7.2% ABV (Amber/Red Ale: American-Style)
  • Woods & Waters6.2% ABV (India Pale Ale: American-Style)

Monday Night Brewing

  • Pervasive Species4.5% ABV (Sour Ale: American-Style)
  • Situational Ethics - Maple Rum Barrel Aged13.8% ABV (Stout: American-Style Imperial)

Mother Road Brewing Company

  • Daily Driver Low Octane IPA4.8% ABV (Session Beer)
  • Lost Highway Double Black IPA8% ABV (Black Ale: American-Style)

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co.

  • Misadventures & Missteps10% ABV (Belgian-Style Golden Strong)
  • Ziegemeister Maibock Lager8.2% ABV (Bock: Traditional German-Style)

New Belgium Brewing Company

  • Mural4% ABV (Fruit Beer: American-Style)
  • Voodoo Ranger Jucifer7% ABV (India Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy)

New Holland Brewing Co.

  • Dragon's Milk White6% ABV (Experimental Beer)
  • Kombucha IPA5% ABV (Experimental Beer)

New Realm Brewing Co.

  • Belga Rose5% ABV (Field Beer)
  • Oaxaca Choca Mexican Chocolate Stout10.7% ABV (Chocolate Beer)

Night Shift Brewing

  • Whirlpool4.5% ABV (Pale Ale: American-Style)
  • Nite Lite4.3% ABV (Lager: American-Style Light)
  • Santilli6% ABV (India Pale Ale: American-Style)

Ninkasi Brewing

  • Brightberry4% ABV (Gose: Contemporary)
  • Hazy Domination6.7% ABV (India Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy)

O.H.S.O. Eatery + NanoBrewery

  • Peanut Brittle Blonde6.6% ABV (Field Beer)
  • 89ALE5.6% ABV (California Common Beer)

Odell Brewing Company

  • Sippin' Pretty4.5% ABV (Gose: Contemporary)
  • Mountain Standard6.5% ABV (India Pale Ale: American-Style)

Old Stove Brewing Company

  • Swords and Whiskey10.3% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Stout)
  • Hop Convoy - Guava Edition6.6% ABV (Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy)

Pale Fire Brewing Co.

  • Salad Days American Saison6.8% ABV (American-Belgo-Style Ale: Pale)
  • Red Molly Irish Red Ale5.6% ABV (Red Ale: Irish-Style)

Perennial Artisan Ales

  • La Cosecha6.2% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer: Fruited)
  • Abraxas10% ABV (Stout: American-Style Imperial)

Port City Brewing Co.

  • Rivershed Ale5.2% ABV (Pale Ale: American-Style)
  • Franconian Kellerbier5.1% ABV (Lager: Unfiltered German-Style)
  • Optimal Wit5% ABV (Witbier: Belgian-Style)

The Rare Barrel

  • Wise Guise5.6% ABV (Sour Ale: Fruited American-Style)
  • Across the Sea6% ABV (Sour Ale: American-Style)

Right Proper Brewing Company

  • Ravaged by Wolves6.5% ABV (Brett Beer: Mixed-Culture)
  • Scenicruiser6.7% ABV (Brett Beer: Mixed-Culture)

River Dog Brewing Co.

  • Midnight Marsh12% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer)
  • Lowcountry Ambrosia5.2% ABV (Honey Beer)

Roadhouse Brewing Co.

  • The Walrus8.3% ABV (India Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy Imperial or Double)
  • Raspberry Beret7.7% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer: Fruited)
  • Honey Drip5.5% ABV (Kolsch: with Honey & Basil)

Rogue Ales & Spirits

  • Dead Guy Ale6.8% ABV (Bock: Traditional German-Style)
  • Batsquatch Hazy IPA6.7% ABV (India Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy)

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing

  • Madame Grey5.5% ABV (Stout: American-Style)
  • Admiral Smash5.2% ABV (Pale Ale: American-Style)

Saranac Brewery/FX Matt Brewing Company

  • Green Thumb Double IPA8% ABV (India Pale Ale: Imperial)
  • Saranac IPA 1004% ABV (India Pale Ale: American-Style)

Saucy Brew Works

  • Love You, Bye8% ABV (India Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy)
  • B.F. HEFE5.5% ABV (Hefeweizen: South German-Style)
  • Habituale5% ABV (Kolsch: German-Style)

Second Chance Beer Company

  • Mulligan Irish-Style Red Ale5.6% ABV (Red Ale: Irish-Style)
  • The Barrel Experience Journey 2 - Coconut Macaroon10.7% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Stout)

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

  • SierraVeza5% ABV (Lager: Latin American)
  • Hazy Little Thing IPA6.7% ABV (India Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy)

Societe Brewing Company

  • The Heiress5.3% ABV (Pilsener: Bohemian-Style)
  • The Pupil7.5% ABV (India Pale Ale: American-Style)
  • The Thief5.9% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer: Fruited)

Spencer Brewery

  • Monks' Reserve Ale10.2% ABV (Quadrupel: Belgian-Style)
  • Peach Saison4.3% ABV (Saison: Specialty)

Squatters Craft Beers

  • Squatters Tropical Hop Rising9% ABV (India Pale Ale: Imperial)
  • Squatters Hell's Keep7.75% ABV (Belgian- and French-Style Ale Other)

Sugar Creek Brewing Co.

  • Dark Reflection8.7% ABV (Abbey Ale: Other Belgian-Style)
  • Sugar Creek White Ale4.9% ABV (Witbier: Belgian-Style)

Switchback Brewing Company

  • Smoke 405.9% ABV (Smoked IPA)
  • BISOU7.8% ABV (Smoked Saison)
  • Blackstrap5.9% ABV (Smoky Dark Ale)

Tampa Bay Brewing Company

  • Reef Donkey APA5.5% ABV (Pale Ale: American-Style)
  • Twisted Strawberry Fest5% ABV (Fruit Beer: American-Style)

Three Weavers Brewing Co.

  • Seafarer4.8% ABV (Koelsch: German-Style)
  • Knotty8.6% ABV (India Pale Ale: Imperial)
  • Sun Trap3.8% ABV (Gose w/ Meyer Lemons)

Two Roads Brewing Company

  • Brett Noir6.5% ABV (Brett Beer)
  • Lil' Juicy5.2% ABV (India Pale Ale: Juicy or Hazy)

Union Craft Brewing

  • Older Pro Black Currant4.2% ABV (Sour Ale: Fruited American-Style)
  • Divine6.5% ABV (India Pale Ale: American-Style)

Upland Brewing Company

  • Champagne Velvet5.5% ABV (Lager: American-Style)
  • Raspberry5.7% ABV (Sour Ale: Fruited American-Style)

Vista Brewing

  • Velo de Flor6% ABV (Lambic: Belgian-Style)
  • Seeking Sakura - Wine Barrel Aged Cherry Brett Ale6.2% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer: Fruited)

Wallace Brewing Company

  • 1910 Black Lager4.9% ABV (Schwarzbier: German-Style)
  • Huckleberry Shandy3.25% ABV (Fruit Beer: American-Style)

Wallenpaupack Brewing Company

  • Hawley Hefeweizen5% ABV (Hefeweizen: South German-Style)
  • Pack & Brass6.8% ABV (India Pale Ale: American-Style)

West Sixth Brewing

  • Pennyrile Pale Ale5.5% ABV (Pale Ale: American-Style)
  • Sixfold VI: Wild Sour with Blackberries6% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer: Fruited)

Winchester Brew Works

  • Coffee Canoe Love5.2% ABV (Coffee Beer)
  • Big Run Brut IPA7.1% ABV (India Pale Ale: American-Style)

Wooden Robot Brewery

  • Jarrahdale Pumpkin Saison6.5% ABV (Saison: Specialty)
  • Thicket as Thieves6% ABV (Wood- and Barrel-Aged Sour Beer: Fruited)