Craft Beers

All 90 breweries participating in SAVOR are small and independent craft brewers. The independent craft brewer seal is a handy tool for enthusiasts to easily identify and support #IndependentBeer.

4 Hands Brewing Co.

  • Madagascar (American Imperial Stout)
  • First Impressions (Belgian Fruit Beer)

Allagash Brewing Company

  • Hoppy Table Beer (Belgian Pale Ale)
  • James & Julie (Wild Beer)

Ardent Craft Ales

  • Ardent IPA (American IPA)
  • Sauturnes Saison (Saison)

Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

  • Sonoran Prince (Fruited Wood-Aged Sour Beer)
  • American Presidential Stout (American Imperial Stout)

Band of Bohemia

  • Indian Pale Ale (Specialty Saison)
  • Bay Rum Cocoa (Chocolate Beer)

Bear Republic Brewing Company

  • Tartare Rouge (Wood-Aged Sour)
  • Red Rocket Ale (American Amber/Red Ale)

BearWaters Brewing Company

  • Smells Like Money (Belgian Dark Strong Ale)
  • Café Lumière (Coffee Beer)

Begyle Brewing

  • Boat Shoes (Koelsch)
  • Hophazardly (American IPA)

Bell's Brewery, Inc.

  • Black Note Stout (Wood-Aged Strong Stout)
  • Raspberry Wild One (Fruited American Sour Ale)

Beltway Brewing Company

  • GRIMM Super Crush (Contemporary Gose)
  • James E. Pepper Stout Aged in Rye Whiskey Barrels (Wood-Aged Strong Stout)

Biscayne Bay Brewing Company

  • Doppelbock (Ger Doppelbock)
  • Double Nine Double IPA (Imperial IPA)

Blackberry Farm Brewery

  • Blackberry Farm Classic Saison (Saison)
  • Brett Saison 18 Unblended (Brett Beer)

Bond Brothers Beer Company

  • Peasant Brawl (Belgian Pale Strong Ale)
  • Duality of Funk (Brett Beer)

Boothbay Craft Brewery

  • Block of Time (German Pilsener)
  • Thirsty Botanist (American IPA)

Bosque Brewing Company

  • Elephants on Parade (Fruit Wheat Beer)
  • Scale Tipper IPA (American IPA)

Boston Beer Co

  • New England IPA (American IPA)
  • Barrel Aged Double Aged Double Bock (Ger Doppelbock)

Boulevard Brewing Company

  • Jam Band (American Fruit Beer)
  • Whiskey Barrel Stout (Wood-Aged Strong Stout)

Brewery Ommegang

  • Pale Sour (Other Belgian Sour)
  • Blend #1 (Other Belgian Sour)

Brewery Silvaticus

  • Baron von Smoke (Bamberg Maerzen Rauchbier)
  • Brevity (American Sour Ale)

Brooklyn Brewery

  • Bel Air (American Sour Ale)
  • Aglovale (Wild Beer)

Caldera Brewing Company

  • Caldera Coco-Nutty Blonde (Field Beer)
  • Caldera Mother Pucker Raspberry Sour (American Sour Ale)

Cape May Brewing Co.

  • Phantom Crew (Belgian Flanders Oud Bruins or Red)
  • Coastal Evacuation (Imperial IPA)

Central Waters Brewing Company

  • Bourbon Barrel Stout (Wood-Aged Strong Stout)
  • Mudpuppy Porter (Robust Porter)

Cheluna Brewing Company

  • Benito's Imperial Stout (Wood-Aged Strong Stout)
  • Rozha Berliner Weisse (Berliner Weisse)

Cloudburst Brewing

  • Happy Little Clouds (German Pilsener)
  • Shame Spiral (Imperial IPA)

COOP Ale Works

  • 2017 Territorial Reserve Barrel Aged Wild Wheat Wine Honey Ale (Wood-Aged Strong Beer)
  • 2017 DNR Cask-It: Rye Barrel Aged (Belgian Dark Strong Ale)

Country Boy Brewing

  • Cliff Jumper IPA (American IPA)
  • Living Proof: Plum Wild Black Narrows Collab (Wood-Aged Sour)

Crank Arm Brewing Company

  • Darker Ways (Brett Beer)
  • Rickshaw Rye IPA (Rye Beer)

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project

  • Sour Rosé (American Sour Ale)
  • Origins (Wood-Aged Sour)

Crux Fermentation Project

  • [BANISHED] TOUGH LOVE (Wood-Aged Strong Stout)
  • [BANISHED] IN THE POCKET (Specialty Saison)

Daredevil Brewing Co

  • Lift Off IPA (American IPA)
  • Vacation Kolsch (Koelsch)

DC Brau

  • Rosé du Gose (Contemporary Gose)
  • Turbo Boost Multi Ball (Experimental IPA)

Deschutes Brewery

  • The Abyss Tequila (Wood-Aged Strong Stout)
  • The Ages (Belgian Gueuze Lambic)

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

  • Mixed Media (Specialty Saison)
  • Dragons & YumYums (Specialty Beer)

Earth Rider Brewery

  • Superior Pale Ale (American Pale Ale)
  • Precious Material (Munich Helles)

Ethereal Brewing

  • Creepy Old Farmhouse (Saison)
  • Emblemata (American IPA)

Fair Winds Brewing Company

  • Hells Navigator (Ger Maibock)
  • Dank & Stormy (American IPA)

Fat Bottom Brewing Co.

  • Cavalier (Brett Beer)
  • Obsidian (Saison)

FATE Brewing Company

  • Midas (Experimental Beer)
  • Tequila Barrel Uror (Contemporary Gose)

Fernson Brewing Company

  • Curio (Berliner Weisse)
  • Lion's Paw Lager- Style-Vienna Lager (Vienna Lager)

Flying Fish Brewing Co.

  • Jersey Juice IPA (American IPA)
  • Blueberry Braggot (Honey Beer)

Foothills Brewing

  • Dead & Berried Blackberry Imperial Stout (Wood-Aged Strong Stout)
  • Craft Happiness IPA Project: Safe (American IPA)

Four Quarters Brewing

  • Fleur de Lis (American Sour Ale)
  • Morning Star (American Imperial Stout)

Fremont Brewing

  • The Rusty Nail (Wood-Aged Strong Stout)
  • Guava Saison (Wood-Aged Sour)

GoodLife Brewing Company

  • Comatose (Imperial IPA)
  • Sweet As! Pacific Ale (Australian Pale Ale)

Great Lakes Brewing Co.

  • Barrel Aged Blackout Stout (American Imperial Stout)
  • Holy Moses White Ale (Belgian Wit)

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery

  • Hardywood Road to Idaho (American IPA)
  • Hardywood Puffery (Wood-Aged Strong Stout)

Hops & Grain Brewing

  • Haze County Double IPA (Imperial IPA)
  • Pellets & Powder IPA (American IPA)

Insight Brewing Company

  • Rowdy Uncle (Experimental Beer)
  • Splendid Moose (American Pale Ale)

Joyride Brewing Company

  • No Simple Highway (Specialty Saison)
  • Bourbon Barrel Aged Dr. Friese's Breakfast Stout (Coffee Stout or Porter)

Kohola Brewery & Tasting Room

  • Lokahi Pilsner (German Pilsener)
  • Mean Bean Coffee Stout (Coffee Stout or Porter)

La Cabra Brewing

  • Hipster Catnip (American IPA)
  • Peter (Belgian Flanders Oud Bruins or Red)

Lawson's Finest Liquids

  • Sip of Sunshine (American IPA)
  • Fayston Maple Imperial Stout (American Stout)

Lord Hobo

  • Glorious (American Pale Ale)
  • Boomsauce (American IPA)

Maine Beer Company

  • MO (American Pale Ale)
  • Woods & Waters (American IPA)

Marble Brewery

  • Double White Ale (Belgian Wit)
  • Cholo Stout (American Stout)

Maui Brewing Company

  • Saint Damien (Wood-Aged Strong Beer)
  • Waimea Red Ale (American Amber/Red Ale)

MISHAP! Brewing Company

  • Fire Hole Chili Porter (Robust Porter)
  • That New Blonde (Golden/Blonde Ale)

New Belgium Brewing Company

  • Sour Saison (Saison)
  • Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA (American IPA)

Night Shift Brewing

  • Whirlpool (American Pale Ale)
  • Santilli (American IPA)

Ninkasi Brewing Company

  • Prismatic (American IPA)
  • Yours Truly (Cream Ale)

Parkway Brewing Company

  • Four Damn Fights to a Pint (Imperial IPA)
  • Fortification Barley Wine Ale (American Barley Wine)

Perennial Artisan Ales

  • Saison de Lis (Saison)
  • Abraxas (Experimental Beer)

Port City Brewing Company

  • Integral IPA (American IPA)
  • Ideaal Tripel (Belgian Tripel)

Purpose Brewing & Cellars

  • pH1 (Wood-Aged Sour)
  • NACHT (Experimental Beer)

RAR Brewing

  • Slip Ons (American Pale Ale)
  • Hyde w/Galaxy (American IPA)

Reuben's Brews

  • Triumvirate IPA (International Pale Ale)
  • Reuben's Crush IPA (Specialty Beer)

Rhinegeist Brewery

  • Double Oaked Mastodon (Belgian Dark Strong Ale)
  • Being (Wood-Aged Sour)

River Horse Brewing Company

  • Sour Harry (Wood-Aged Sour)
  • Tripel Horse (Belgian Tripel)

River Time Brewing

  • P.I.G. (Chili Beer)
  • el Primo Ducé (Experimental Beer)

Roadhouse Brewing Company

  • Sirens' Seduction (Belgian Dark Strong Ale)
  • Wilson IPA (American IPA)

Rogue Ales

  • Hazelnut Brown Nectar (English Brown Ale)
  • Honey Kolsch (Koelsch)

Saltwater Brewery

  • Maris The Lost Sea Otter (British Barley Wine)
  • Bone-A-Fied Blonde (Belgian Blonde Ale)

Saranac Brewery

  • Saranac Galaxy Monster IPA (Imperial IPA)
  • Saranac Belgian White 100 (Belgian Wit)

Service Brewing Company

  • Service Brewing Grisette (Other Belgian Ale)
  • Compass Rose (American IPA)

Short's Brewing Company

  • Soft Parade Shandy (American Fruit Beer)
  • Anniversary Ale (American Wheat Wine)

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

  • Trip in the Woods – Barrel-Aged Raspberry Bigfoot (American Barley Wine)
  • 2018 Hoptimum (Imperial IPA)

Ska Brewing Co.

  • Pink Vapor Stew (Field Beer)
  • BHC- DIPA (Imperial IPA)

Spencer Brewery

  • Monks Reserve Quad (Belgian Quadrupel)
  • Peach Saison (Specialty Saison)

Stone Brewing

  • Stone ///Fear.Movie.Lions Double IPA (Imperial IPA)
  • Stone White Ghost Berliner Weisse (Berliner Weisse)

Stoup Brewing

  • Robust Porter (Robust Porter)
  • Pistol Fingers IPA (American IPA)

Tampa Bay Brewing Co.

  • Reef Donkey (American Pale Ale)
  • Florida Tart (Fruited American Sour Ale)

The Bruery & Bruery Terreux

  • Yount (Experimental Beer)
  • Sour In The Rye with Peaches (Fruited Wood-Aged Sour Beer)

The Collective Brewing Project

  • Doom Berry (Fruited American Sour Ale)
  • Cup O' Beer (Contemporary Gose)

The Lost Abbey

  • Bat Out of Hell (Wood-Aged Strong Beer)
  • Veritas (Wild Beer)

Three Weavers Brewing Company

  • Seafarer (Koelsch)
  • Midnight Flight (American Imperial Stout)

Track 7 Brewing Co.

  • Oh Yeaahh! v.2 (Experimental Beer)
  • Burnt Fog (Experimental Beer)

Upland Brewing Co.

  • Pearpawsterous (Wood-Aged Sour)
  • Revive (Wood-Aged Sour)

West Sixth Brewing

  • Sixfold X: Flanders Red (Wood-Aged Sour)
  • Snake Cake (Wood-Aged Strong Stout)

Woods Boss Brewing Company

  • Saison Paradiso aged in Chardonnay Barrels (Specialty Saison)
  • Form and Function (Belgian Quadrupel)