2022 Brewers Information

Important Dates

  • December 13 – January 7: SAVOR participation request window
  • January 19: Breweries notified if selected to participate
  • January 20 – 25: Brewery & beer registration (payment due)
  • February 9: Beer samples due for menu development tasting
  • February 11: Menu development tasting in Boulder, CO
  • March 14: Breweries notified of SAVOR beer & food pairings
  • June 13  – 17: Beers due to host distributor
  • June 24: SAVOR event @ The Anthem

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Event Requirements

  • Breweries requesting to participate at SAVOR must agree to all event requirements.
  • Brewery participation is open to U.S. professional brewery members of the Brewers Association (BA) that are currently Professional Packaging, Pub Brewer or Taproom members as defined by the BA bylaws, or Associate level members who are craft brewers.
  • A brewery owner, brewer, or the face of the brewery is required to be at their table to discuss the beer and food pairing with attendees. Please, do not request to participate if this type of brewery representative is unable to commit to the event.
  • Volunteer beer servers are not provided.
  • SAVOR provides entry fo three staff representatives; this allows rotation of your staff at the table. Additional brewery staff must purchase a ticket.
  • A brewery representative is required to be at your table for the entire event.
  • Participating breweries will pay a registration fee, donate beer and assume all travel costs for staff representatives.
  • Breweries must provide their beer with a no-charge $0 invoice to the event’s host distributor.
  • Bottles or cans are preferred. Minimal exceptions are made for beers not available in this format.

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Brewery participation at SAVOR is open to U.S. small and independent brewery Brewers Association members that are currently Professional Packaging, Pub Brewer or Taproom Brewery members as defined by the Brewers Association bylaws, and Associate Brewery members who are craft brewers.

To determine if your brewery membership falls into the Packaging, Pub Brewer or Taproom Brewery membership class, see Bylaws of the Brewers Association (PDF ~267 KB) Article VIII, Section 1 & 2 (page 8).

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Brewery Participation Selection

  • 10:00 am MT, December 13: Participation request window opens
  • 11:59 pm MT, January 7: Participation request window closes
  • January 19: Breweries notified if randomly selected to participate or not

Notification is done by email with further details about event participation and how to register with payment for the event.

Requesting to participation does not guarantee involvement in the event. No late entries are accepted. Breweries must agree to all Event Requirements, including having an owner/principal of the brewery present at the event.

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Registration Fees

*Registration fees are based on a sliding scale by estimated 2021 production. No refunds for cancellations. All payments due by January 25, 2022. If payment is not received by the deadline the breweries spot at SAVOR may be given to other breweries who entered into the lottery.

Fees include:

  • Booth space at SAVOR: An American Craft Beer & Food Experience
  • Promotion by SAVOR: An American Craft Beer & Food Experience
  • Two (2) two menu items paired with two (2) donated beers
  • Supporting breweries may send a third beer which is not paired with a menu item
  • Tickets for three (3) brewery representatives
  • Access to purchase additional tickets

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New in 2022

2022 news coming soon!

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Beer & Food Pairings

The SAVOR menu is created by a culinary development team led by Adam Dulye, Brewers Association executive chef. Breweries help contribute to this process by providing flavor profiles of the two beers they wish to pour at the event. This information helps guide the overall development and flow of the menu for SAVOR.

Beers and tasting notes must be finalized by February 9, 2022. Then, the menu process proceeds with a tasting in Boulder, CO. Brewers Association staff, Cicerones® (various levels), the SAVOR culinary team and local brewers meet to taste samples provided by the breweries to develop tasting notes for each beer. Once the tasting commences, Adam and his team write the menu. Food pairings are finalized before the end of March.

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Menu Development Tasting

For the tasting in Boulder, please send samples for each of your two SAVOR beers. These sample must arrive at the Brewers Association Warehouse by January 30, 2020. Supporting breweries need not send their third beer; it is not paired with a menu item.

Beer Sample Quantities:

  • four (4) – 12 or 16 oz. bottles/cans of each brand
  • two (2) – 22 oz. or 750 ml bottles of each brand
  • two (2) – 32 oz. crowlers of each brand
  • one (1) – 64 oz. growler (not preferred)

Ship to:

  • Brewers Association
  • SAVOR Menu Tasting
  • 3240 Prairie Ave, Unit A
  • Boulder, CO 80301

If your beer is not ready for the February tasting, please notify events@brewersassociation.org. You will need to send detailed tasting notes to help the culinary team assign menu items to your beer. If samples are available closer to the event, we welcome the chance to try them. This could alter your assigned food pairing.

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Beer Style & Packaging Recommendations

SAVOR is a great opportunity for you to send unique one-off creations from the brewery. Please leave your flagship brand at home! Session beers and classic styles are also encouraged!

It’s also important to remember the season. While it might be cold or snowy when you register your beers, that winter warmer won’t have the same impact in June. DC can be very hot and muggy that times of year — think Spring/Summer. Please consider this when choosing your styles.

Variety is the spice of life at beer events! Not all the beers at SAVOR can be Juicy IPAs. If we start to see too many of the same style registered, we will reach out to some breweries to request a different beer. Don’t be offended! We just want to create a well-rounded experience for all attendees. Also keep abv in mind. With over 200 beers at SAVOR, our attendees want to be able to try as many as possible. A limited number of high alcohol beers will be allowed at SAVOR.

Bottles and/or cans are preferred. Draught availability is limited. Please consider this when selecting your beers.

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Hotel Accommodations

Participating breweries are responsible for making their own hotel reservations. A block of rooms at a discounted rate has been secured at SAVOR’s host hotel, which is walking distance to the event venue. Participating breweries will receive booking information in January.

SAVOR’s host hotel will also serve as the host hotel for those participating in the BA’s annual Hill Climb and the Guild Summit meetings. Breweries & Guilds participating in the Hill Climb are eligible to receive complimentary accommodations for a portion of their stay. Look for a separate email with information regarding the Hill Climb.

SAVOR breweries not participating in the Hill Climb or Guild meetings are responsible for booking and paying for their hotel.  Please use this booking link in order to secure your discounted rate: coming in January!

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Sending Beer for the Event

  • All breweries send two brands of beer.
  • Supporting breweries may also send a third beer, which is not paired to a menu item.
  • Brewers should plan on a ~1000 oz. of each brand. Please do the math based on your packaging formats and factor in the popularity of your brand/style.
  • Supporting breweries should send at least ~500-1000 oz. of their third beer.
  • If the beer you are sending is only available in kegs, you will need permission to send kegs. Our recommendation for kegs is one 1/4 barrel per brand.
  • Due to the quick turnaround for set-up and tear-down of a one-night event, preference is given to breweries that can bring both bottled/canned beer.
  • Both beer brands must be delivered with a no-charge $0 invoice and your brewery/table assignment label to the host distributor in Washington, D.C.
  • The delivery window is June 13 – June 17, 2022.
  • Dock Hours: Daily 6 am- 1 pm. Delivery by car until 3 pm.

Send all SAVOR beers to:

  • Premium Distributors
  • Attn: c/o SAVOR
  • 3500 Fort Lincoln Dr NE
  • Washington, DC 20018

Please include:

Important Notes

  • You may NOT send additional beer for other events happening around SAVOR/DC.
  • You will NOT have access to leftover beer after the event ends. PLEASE do not try to take your beer away from SAVOR.
  • Information on keg returns will come via email at the end of April.

Shipping questions: Mike Aronson, Cellar Manager, Brewers Association

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What to Expect at SAVOR

Event Timeline

  • 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm: Brewery check-in
  • 5:30 pm: Brewers Meeting
  • 6:00 pm: VIP & Express Entry entrance
  • 7:00 pm: GA entrance
  • 9:30 pm: Event ends


Check out photos from last year to see the crowd. This isn’t your typical beer festival! Expect attendees to be dressed to impress with cocktail/date-night attire.

Brewer Event Info

  • Each brewery receives three (3) tickets for staff representatives working SAVOR.
  • Each brewery has one 6′ table.
  • Table-top signs listing the beer and food pairings are provided.
  • Limited marketing materials are allowed at your table. Each brewery will have ~18″ x 18″ area to display promotional items. This area may be used to display marketing materials or give away brewery items. Keep the upscale atmosphere in mind when selecting promotional materials. Overhead or pull-up banners are prohibited.
  • A map is printed in the attendee program and on large signs inside the venue.
  • Each table will have a table number and holder to referencing back to the published event map.
  • If you need to leave the table and have no back-up, call for assistance. (phone number provided onsite)

Serving Beer & Food

  • 2 oz beer samples paired with small bite foods
  • Dump buckets, ice tubs, rinse water and bottle openers are provided.
  • For those approved to send kegs, draught serving equipment, hook up and maintenance is provided.
  • Glass rinse stations are located throughout the venue.
  • Try your pairing! Be prepared to talk about your awesome beer and how it pairs with your amazing food-bite.

Beer Service/Shipping questions: Mike Aronson, Cellar Manager, Brewers Association

Event Questions: events@brewersassociation.org.

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