Attention SAVOR Saturday Night Attendees!

Don’t forget your exit gift: SAVOR Flowers

Be sure to hold on to your ticket in order to pick up a bottle of SAVOR Flowers as you exit the event. This exit gift is available exclusively to attendees upon leaving SAVOR–and it won’t be available anywhere else once the event is concluded.

What is SAVOR Flowers? Read on for details.


This year’s SAVOR attendees will go home with the excitement of having sampled delicious craft beers paired with tasty food selections—and something equally special. They’ll each receive a bottle of SAVOR Flowers, a collaboration beer brewed by Jim Koch of Boston Beer Company and Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery.

SAVOR Flowers is an exclusive indulgence for SAVOR attendees; it will be on tap during the event, and distributed to guests as they leave, but it won’t be found anywhere else. The beer’s name comes from the unusual ingredients used during the collaborative brewing process. SAVOR Flowers was brewed using rose water in place of regular water, along with a tincture of hibiscus, lavender and jasmine flowers that was aged in Samuel Adams’ Barrel One (the whiskey barrel Sam Adams first used to make its barrel-aged Triple Bock in the early 1990s).

What’s more, each bottle will come with a reproduction of the personal letters that Koch and Calagione exchanged as they conceived the idea that eventually became SAVOR Flowers.

Boston Beer and Dogfish Head are among the earliest and most steadfast of SAVOR supporters, acting as Supporting Partners since the event’s inception. “We hope this marks the start of a new tradition where two or more SAVOR breweries will collaborate to bring some of their biggest fans—SAVOR attendees—unique collaboration beers to cherish after the event,” said event director Nancy Johnson.

Catch a glimpse of Koch and Calagione brewing SAVOR Flowers in this video.

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