SAVOR Facts and Figures

The Numbers Don’t Lie—SAVOR is Bigger and Better than Ever

SAVOR: An American Craft Beer & Food Experience is all about quality, showcasing the art of craft beer and food pairings like never before. However, contrary to conventional wisdom, quality does not come at the expense of quantity, and for 2011, SAVOR is a huge event, as illustrated by some of the mind-boggling statistics:

Craft breweries: 72
Menu items prepared (not including cheese, oysters or sushi): 82,000 pieces
Craft beer at the event: Over 1,705 gallons
Ice required to cool the beer: 20,000 lbs
Attendance each night: 2,000 smiling faces
Artisan cheese for sampling: 250 lbs 
Sushi rolls: Nearly 2,000
Artisan chocolate truffles: 2,200
Oysters: 2,600
Fun had by all: Immeasurable

Photo: © Eddie Arrossi

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