Fresh Salon Schedule


Imagine the opportunity to drive an F50 with Enzo Ferrari. Not a car person? What if you could enjoy a tasting menu at Chez Panisse with Alice Waters?

SAVOR Salons are your opportunity to try some of the most unique craft beers—and to do it with the brewers who made them.

Just take a look at the 2014 schedule. See any familiar names?

And Salons are about more than just rubbing elbows with well-known brewers. Even seasoned beer experts will find enlightening topics, whether you want to bone up on barrel aging, discover doughnut pairings or sample new hop varieties.

SAVOR Private Tasting Salons

Many of the Private Tasting Salons include two breweries collaborating and tasting their beers with an intimate audience in a lounge setting. Hang out with some of the rock stars of craft brewing as they share some of their “special reserve” beers in honor of SAVOR. Some presenters will feature cheeses or chocolates to pair with the beers being tasted. See individual descriptions for details. The lounge setting creates an intimate and informal social atmosphere for all. Participation is limited to 30 people in each Salon.

SAVOR Educational Salons

After taking a sabbatical in 2013, the Savor Educational Salons return by popular demand! Those wishing to participate must purchase may purchase a Grand Tasting + Salon ticket. Set with classroom style seating in the downstairs auditorium, these guided tastings promise to be chock full of information. Audience members will be wowed by the mind blowing pairings or craft beers being presented by their favorite brewers. See each individual Salon description for details and choose your favorite. Participation is limited to 90 people in each Salon.

NOTE: Those wishing to participate must purchase may purchase a Grand Tasting + Salon ticket.

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