Rules & Regulations

In order to participate in the 2016 SAVOR event, participating breweries agree to the following rules:

  1. Brewery owners, brewmasters, or the “face of the brewery” are required to be at their table at SAVOR to discuss beer and food pairings with attendees. If the brewery owner, brewer or “face of the brewery” is unable to commit to being at the event, please do not enter the lottery. Volunteer beer servers will not be provided. A brewery representative is expected to be at your table at all times during the event. Entry into SAVOR includes three representative passes. This allows rotation of your representatives at the table.
  2. Breweries entering the lottery will pay the associated registration fees if selected.
  3. Only one brewery within a control group may participate in SAVOR.
  4. Marketing materials are allowed at your table. Each brewery will have an 18″ x 18″ area to display promotional items. This area may be used to display marketing materials or give away brewery items. Since space is limited, smaller items work best. Keep the upscale atmosphere in mind when selecting promotional materials.
  5. Bottles or cans are required. Exceptions are made for beers not available in this format.
  6. Brewers will receive badge credentials to enter the event and work their pouring station. Each participating brewery will receive three complimentary badges into the event. Everyone else entering the event will need to purchase a ticket.
  7. Brewery participation is open to US professional brewery members of the Brewers Association that are currently Professional Packaging or Pub Brewer members as defined by the Brewers Association bylaws, or Associate level members who are craft brewers.
  8. Breweries must provide the beer with a no charge invoice. (Logistics details to be provided).

Questions about the event? Send an email to