2014 Supporter Circle Menu

Stay tuned for 2015 details!

Each Supporting Brewery at SAVOR is located in our Supporter Circle, pouring two beers—one of which (listed below) is paired with an exclusive menu item found only at that brewery’s table. Each of these featured craft beer and food pairings takes guests on a special palate trip not to be found elsewhere at this event. Find the main SAVOR menu here.

Allagash—Coolship Red
Roast duck with pink peppercorns and olio nuovo on a sweet potato crisp.

Boston Beer Company—KMF Grand Cru
Venison sausage with blackberry compote.

Boulevard Brewing Company—Grainstorm Black Rye IPA
Venison shoulder roast, prepared Kansas City burnt ends-style, with a grilled apple salad.

Brooklyn Brewery—Brooklyn Kriek
Smoked bison and pickled plum on a savory corn financier.

Devils Backbone Brewing Company—Pear Lager
Yellow watermelon with yogurt, black sea salt and onion ash oil.

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery—Raw Creation
Saffron and coconut crab with shaved cucumber and harissa.

Flying Dog Brewery—The Truth
Garam masala lamb loin with mango chutney.

Hardywood Park Craft Brewery—Hardywood the Great Return
Cured sturgeon with Asian pear and snow pea shoots dusted with lime powder.

Harpoon—Rich and Dan’s Rye IPA
Gravlax with fennel mustard: house-cured salmon on black bread with fennel mustard.

New Belgium Brewing Company—Le Terroir
Coconut cheesecake and toasted coconut meringue.

Oakshire Brewing—Hermanne 1882
Lemon flatbread crisp with anchovy butter and spicy cress.

Odell Brewing Co. —Tree Shaker
Thai mussels on the half shell with coconut, lemongrass and pickled shishito pepper.

Saranac Brewery—Saranac Tramonay Rose
Lemon thyme and grape gelee with pink peppercorn.

Schlafly Beer—Schlafly Kolsch
Golden citrus beet with lemon verbena, mascarpone and honey powder.

Smuttynose Brewing Company—Satchmo
Cocoa-braised beef on crisp potato.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. —Snow Wit and the 7 Dwarf Hops
Fresh chevre on a honey tuile with orange, fennel and pork cracklings.